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God is Here

Greetings, Beloved. Another sunrise is here filled with God's amazing grace, goodness, and mercies. No matter how things look on the surface, or what you hear on the news, your assurance is knowing that GOD IS GREATER! Trust Him no matter what.

Men may fail. The government may fail. Your family and friends may fail and disappoint you. But God never will. May you always place your anchor in God alone. May you discover that He is your compass in life to guide you through every storm of life. Through the valleys and mountaintops, may your testimony ring out loud and clear that God is with you.

May you get to know the God who created heaven and earth in a sustaining way. May your spiritual roots continue to run deep. May your fellowship with Him become sweeter each day. You serve a living God who absolutely loves you intentionally.

You are blessed beyond all measure, my friend. Enjoy your day!

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