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Inspiring through words

Inspiring Through Words

Donna Rutherford’s writings reflect her life journey. Discover her books today and be moved by her stories about faith, courage, and inspiration.

Books for People From All Walks of Life

Donna Rutherford, the owner of Reconciled To Wholeness Ministries, is a passionate book author. Learn more about her books, and get yourself a copy today!


All books are available in Maryland and beyond.

Book Descriptions

The Mask of Many Faces

I learned how to tell my story, to use my voice, and to not be afraid in owning my truth. The Mask of Many Faces will encourage the readers to see themselves on the pages, use their voice, be set free, get their power back, and discover their identity in Jesus Christ. My book is a celebration of me discovering myself. Anyone who goes through life trying to fit in, trying to be affirmed by society, friends, and family, will benefit from reading my book. I experienced pain, rejection, emotional stress, fear, physical immobility, isolation, and feeling powerless. This is my story. My book is about my personal struggles and challenges, but it is also about reconciliation and restoration.

Reconciled To Wholeness Ministries
Heart Strings Through My Eyes

Heart Strings Through My Eyes is a book filled with poetic fragrances that were birthed from my devotional time with the Lord, and as He placed them in my heart to share from my personal experience. Some of them can be sweet, bitter, and even whimsical. Poetry has helped me to inspire, be compassionate, and paint the words.


With each stroke of the pen, I am learning to breathe, to love, and to live the lyrics my heart composes. Draw near to God and set your heart and mind on things eternal. My prayer is that my book will be a tool to help you do just that.

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Reflections of Wisdom

It would be great if everyone treated each other the way they wanted to be treated. We all have been faced with instances we have been treated unfairly. There were probably times we got tired of “turning the other cheek.”


Reflections of Wisdom is a tool that can help you think about doing the right thing regardless of who is listening or watching. It can be useful in helping you think about your next action or reaction when faced with confrontation and making decisions to forgive.

I pray that my book will bless you and encourage you to find that wisdom.

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What’s in Your Hand?

Life has a way of giving you opportunities to find your niche. It also gives you opportunities to use your gifts. It can be an awesome adventure to discover them.


What’s in Your Hand? is a unique book filled with inspirational nuggets to help you ponder and take your rightful position – to prayerfully encourage you to stir up the gifts God has given you. You never know when God is going to require them to be revealed. You must be a willing vessel.


May God use this book to help you celebrate being a conduit of His goodness that will inspire, impart, and impact.

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