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Get to Know Us

We are a ministry dedicated to providing products and services to inspire and empower people in our community.

About Us

Founded by author and speaker Donna Rutherford, Reconciled To Wholeness Ministries is devoted to helping people throughout Maryland and the rest of the DMV area. We strive to inspire and empower everyone in any way that we can—from offering unique and inspirational items to providing unparalleled mentoring, speaking, and outreach services.

Reconciled To Wholeness Ministries
How We Started

When I reflect on my life, I realize that God was stirring up an awesome plan that would be life changing not only for me, but for others He would bring in my path. Reconciled To Wholeness Ministries was born out of the concern and passion I had for people who need help in life. Even as a child, I was always drawn to people who were homeless, overlooked, or just needed a friend with a caring heart and listening ear. I wanted to be that friend. I’m grateful to my parents for teaching me the importance of respect and integrity. They taught me that everyone should feel loved and valued. My parents were beautiful examples of living what they believed. I am thankful to God for the opportunities He has given me to share His goodness. My life has been enriched through my friendships and relationships developed from connecting with a diversity of people. It is my desire that Reconciled To Wholeness Ministries continues to grow and prosper in bringing forth spiritual fruit that would impact lives. Blessings! - Donna R. Rutherford, Founder and Owner

Reconciled To Wholeness Ministries
Meet Our Owner
Donna Rutherford, Author and Speaker

Donna R. Rutherford is a native of Washington, D.C., and was educated in the D.C. public school system. She was raised in a Christian home but did not discover the need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ until an adult. Little did she know as a child, God’s hand was on her at an early age, and He would be the only one that could fill the void in her spirit and heart. As an adult, she received her Associate Degree in Business Administration. She also received a variety of certificates from Evangel Cathedral’s Bible School, and School of Leadership; and The Shepherd’s House International Christian Church (TSHICC) MasterLife Discipleship Program, located in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Her ministries included the EC Choir, Altar Ministry, Alms Ministry, and Evangelism Ministry. Donna has a heart for serving the needy and homeless through several Outreach Ministries. Her desire is to help them get on their feet, so they can see themselves as God sees them. She is the founder of Reconciled to Wholeness Ministries, a ministry dedicated to encouraging, bringing hope, and lending a helping hand to everyone that wants to see a positive change manifested in their lives. She desires to be a conduit that will help a person to discover and fulfill their God-given purpose. She believes that it is important to discover who God said you are. Also, to discover who God is. She believes our identity is in the Lord Jesus Christ because of our relationship with Him. In ministering to people, she shares that if a person does not know who they are, they may abuse their life … a spiritual change in the heart and mind is needed … and that God is the one who will restore what is broken. She knows that adults can struggle with peer pressure as well because she experienced it. She believes that some adults are still comparing themselves to others. She desires people to realize that God has already affirmed and accepted them. She encourages anyone who may be experiencing the sting of feeling disregarded or rebuffed, to know that only God can heal those wounds, and the importance of being honest with Him about them. She stresses that no matter what circumstances you find yourself in, the need to be loved, respected, understood, and valued is universal. Over the years, she has also written speeches during her participation in Toastmasters. Her authorial accomplishments include: (1) The Mask of Many Faces; (2) It’s Time to Manifest; (3) Heart Strings Through My Eyes; (4) Reflections of Wisdom; and (5) What’s in Your Hand? She is the proud mother of two sons, and one daughter. They continue to be her joy. She is a motivated author, poet, speaker, and lyricist dedicated to giving inspirational and biblical encouragement. Her heart is to see reconciliation and the power of the Word of God changing lives. The Bible continues to be her source of inspiration.

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