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Reconciled To Wholeness Ministries

Inspire, Impart, Impact.

We at Reconciled To Wholeness Ministries are committed to spreading hope and inspiration in any way that we can. Look around our site to see what we can do for you!

Empowering you for better Future

WELCOME by Reconciled to Wholeness Ministries

For anyone who is feeling rejected, need affirmation, feeling insignificant, are homeless, or prosperous, Reconciled to Wholeness Ministries wants you to know you have something to offer the world. You are needed. God has a wonderful plan for you. Your journey is not over. We all make mistakes, but it is never too late to start again. We all have a history. We all have experienced some type of struggle or setback, some worse than others. Things happen. Life happens. Some of us rise above the setbacks quickly. For some of us, it takes a little longer. RTW Ministries would like you to learn how to tell your story, to use your voice, and to not be afraid in owning your truth. No one should experience ridicule, criticism, sarcasm, or any type of pain that would make them feel devalued. Rejection breeds rejection. When you are rejected, you learn to reject others. Just because someone rejects you, does not mean that everyone will. To keep from being hurt, it is easy to put up a wall. This can be emotionally draining, and unhealthy. This will cause you to keep out the people who really care. It is time to be healed and be made whole again. It is time to be set free and get your power back. Life is not about the destination. It is about how you make the journey. And how you make the journey is up to you. Again, RTW Ministries would like you to feel welcomed. Let’s grow and learn together!

Our Mission

​Reconciled to Wholeness Ministries’ Mission is to offer inspirational products and related services to encourage everyone to see that their journey is not over – God has written every page of their life – and they should not be afraid to turn the page to see the next chapter. Our desire is to give biblical encouragement to those who need to be rooted and grounded in the knowledge of God’s love, so they can achieve their goals to see themselves as God sees them.


We will serve with integrity, accountability, respect, and leadership. Being passionate about serving people is the root of our core value. Keeping these values, along with striving to grow and learn with teamwork, will keep us grounded.

Confident Mission
Our Vision

Reconciled to Wholeness Ministries’ Vision is to be a non-profit organization with a facility serving the community through several Outreach Ministries and other resources.


“Inspire – Impart – Impact Through Serving”

Our Collection
Model in Striped Shirt
David Marshall

For years Donna Rutherford has been an accomplished author of Christian and inspiring books. For me, being a first-time author, Donna’s support, encouragement, and mentoring played a major part in helping me complete my book.

Seeing her caring heart when it comes to the homeless, I try to follow her example of love, compassion, and empathy when it comes to the oppressed.

Peggy Roberson

She is a great mentor and second mother to my children. She is very smart, a hard worker, loves the Lord with all her heart, loves to sing and read God’s Word. She speaks the truth always to me and others, giving us great support. She is a great blessing in my life. You can count on Donna to help you be strong and lead you in the right path.

Brenda Pratt

Donna is always so encouraging, and she is definitely someone you can trust to keep a confidence. I had the honor to serve with Donna as a co-facilitator for MasterLife class for 9 months in 2019-2020. She came to class on time and was always prepared to be a part of the class as she shared and demonstrated her love for God and the willingness to study His word.


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Feel free to contact us to schedule a consultation for our services or inquire about our products. We’d love to hear from you!

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